Earn Points

A more rewarding program.

Unlike other rewards programs, with Altitude Rewards your points will not expire while you are an Altitude cardholder, giving you all the time you need to redeem. Our fast points earn rates help you redeem the rewards you really want quicker.

Card Type Points Earned Per $1 Spent
Mastercard / Visa
Altitude, Altitude Business Gold*, Altitude Platinum 1
Altitude Platinum Plus 1
Altitude Black   1.25
Altitude Business Platinum*
      Australian merchants
      Government payments
      Overseas merchants


Please visit westpac.com.au/ccrewards or westpac.com.au/businessccrewards for more information.

* Please note that some Altitude Business Gold and Altitude Business Platinum merchant transactions attract a lower points earn rate, refer to Altitude Business Rewards Terms and Conditions for further details.

**Purchases that are not eligible to earn Rewards Points are set out in the Altitude Rewards Terms and Conditions. For example: payments to the Australian Taxation Office, cash advances, BPAY and BPAY equivalent transactions do not earn Reward Points. You do not receive points if your card account is in arrears for 2 consecutive statement cycles and in other circumstances.

American Express

For further information about earn rates on the American Express® issued Altitude Card please click here. For information regarding points earned per transaction on your American Express issued Card, log in to the American Express website. For Terms and Conditions related to earning points with your American Express issued Card please click here.

1 The earning and redemption of Altitude Points is subject to the Altitude Terms and Conditions or the Altitude Business Rewards Terms and Conditions.

Altitude Terms and Conditions PDF Altitude Terms and Conditions (PDF)
Altitude Business Rewards Terms and Conditions PDF Altitude Business Rewards Terms and Conditions (PDF)
American Express Westpac Altitude Card Points Terms and Conditions American Express Westpac Altitude Card Points Terms and Conditions (PDF)