$50 Donation to Good Return

Why Good Return?
It’s a new way to fight poverty.
We deliver the powerful combination of microfinance and education to help the poor in the Asia Pacific increase their incomes and change their lives forever.
It’s empowering.
Good Return combines microfinance with functional and financial literacy, small business education, and livelihoods training so clients can create a successful enterprise.
It multiplies.
Making a loan to one woman on average benefits four members of her family or community. Every loan really helps five people!
It’s personal.
You choose who you want to loan to. It could be a woman like Taciana from East Timor, who started a poultry business with the help of a loan. She can afford to keep her four sons in school, and even attended a financial literacy program provided by Good Return.
It’s sustainable.
Good Return facilitates the access to renewable energy products and supports environmental awareness training. We use a triple bottom line approach to monitor our impact on the communities where we work.
It’s effective.
Every $1 that you lend through Good Return can be leveraged to become $6. This happens when you re-lend your initial loan. An average loan of $100 can help up to 14 women if re-lent! See our website for more details.
It’sGood Return.
Good Return is a new way of giving because it’s more than just a loan. You choose who you want to help, and once the loan is repaid, you get your money back to keep or re-lend, helping even more women.

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