Scots College Indigenous Education - School Shirt

The Indigenous Education Program at The Scots College provides 15 scholarship places to Aboriginal boys aged 13 to 18 from around Australia. The aim is to make a profound difference to these boys’ lives and give them the foundation for success and leadership in their future.

The Scots College, a boys’ school in Sydney, exists to inspire boys to learn, lead and serve as they strive for excellence together.
Research shows that the inability to access long-term quality education is one of the major contributing factors to the self-perpetuating cycle of unemployment, poverty and ill health experienced by some of Australia’s Indigenous communities today. The program offers an education to Indigenous boys who demonstrate leadership potential and are committed, along with the support of their families, to achieving excellence in their lives.
The College is reliant on donations for its Indigenous Program. Points donated will help provide the boys with the essentials for their education. This particular donation will help pay for the school shirt for one boy during their schooling.

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